The 5 Best Things to Do In Marrakech

The 5 Best Things to Do In Marrakech

Marrakech offers more than its historical status in Morocco. It’s a place where your senses come alive with vivid colors, delicious tastes, enticing scents, resonant sounds, and remarkable sights. While it’s renowned for its Medina markets and shopping, but there is much more best things to do in Marrakech. After immersing yourself in the fascinating fusion of European, Middle Eastern, and African cultures, consider exploring the surrounding areas to discover breathtaking mountain and desert landscapes that are truly unmatched.

Unmissable 5 Best Things to Do In Marrakech:

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1. Bahia Palace

Bahia Palace, which roughly means ‘beautiful palace’ in English, was constructed during the late 19th century and serves as the heart of the city’s cultural heritage today.

Why visit? Well, you won’t truly grasp the exquisite decor until you witness it firsthand. Inside, you’ll encounter towering, gilded ceilings, rooms adorned with paintings, intricate mosaics, and stucco work, all surrounded by a vast, expansive garden to explore at your leisure. Find a comfortable spot in the shade, and you can spend hours simply soaking in the beauty.

jardin majorelle

2. Jardin Majorelle

This botanical garden, crafted by the French painter Jacques Majorelle, boasts an impressive collection of cacti, far surpassing what you might find in a typical terrarium. At its heart, you’ll find a striking indigo blue Art Deco house that serves as its centerpiece.

Why visit? Well, have your phone cameras ready because Jardin Majorelle is a haven for Instagram-worthy shots. While you might come across some over-the-top photoshoots happening, it’s nearly impossible to capture a less-than-stunning picture in this enchanting place. For the best experience, consider arriving early to steer clear of any unintentional photo-bombers.

Badi Palace

3. EL Badi Palace

It is the grand remnants of Sultan Ahmed al-Mansour’s former magnificent palace, nestled amidst sunken gardens and encircled by majestic walls, the aging towers of which offer sweeping panoramic vistas of the medina.

Why visit? While El Badi may be in ruins today, it provides a captivating glimpse into the historical might and opulence of Moroccan dynasties from the past. Among the remnants, you’ll also discover a precious gem—the Koutoubia’s minbar (prayer pulpit), a masterpiece crafted by artisans from 12th-century Cordoba.

Souk Place des Épices

4. Souk Place des Épices

It’s Moroccan cuisine, renowned for its delectable and fragrant flavors. Place des Épices is the traditional spice market where you can encounter vendors offering a wide array of spices, ranging from allspice to ras al hanout, a blend of more than a dozen aromatic spices.

Why visit? This open-air souk offers an incredibly atmospheric experience. Besides acquiring bags of aromatic spices, you can also purchase vibrant woven baskets or simply enjoy the lively spectacle from one of the cafes that encircle the square.

best things to do in marrakech

5. Jemaa el-Fna

It’s the expansive open square situated in the center of the medina, making it one of Marrakech’s most prominent attractions and a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. Prepare to encounter snake charmers, street performers, and overly enthusiastic henna artists at every corner.

Why visit? Every evening, both locals and tourists flock to Jemaa El-Fnaa, enticed by the continuous excitement and street theater, known as halqa. You can enjoy some delicious food from the barbecue stalls, savor the music, and then ascend to a rooftop bar to be enchanted by the breathtaking sunset. It’s one of the most important places you have to visit in this 5 best things to do in Marrakech

I hope this 5 best things to do in marrakech guide was useful and that you’ll have a great time in Marrakech. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to  contact us directly.

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