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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Most frequent questions and answers

Is Morocco Safe for Travel?

Morocco is a very safe destination compared to countless worldwide destinations. Tourism plays a major role in the Moroccan economy to the extent that His Majesty King Mohammed VI described as one of the top priorities in the economy.

Are the vehicles and Moroccan drivers safe?

Morocco strictly controls vehicles and drivers and both cars and drivers have to be registered to drive tourists. Cars have an annual registration and vehicles over 10 years old are not permitted to carry tourists. In addition, car and driver insurance is regularly checked at roadblocks and there is a fine for anyone whose papers are not in order. Our vehicles are less then 5 years old and our drivers have been working in the tourism industry for many years.

What Languages are spoken in Morocco?

Moroccan Arabic is widely spoken in Morocco along with Tamazight, the French, which is spoken in big cities and many administrations. French is also the language of education in many schools and institutions. Spanish is widely spoken in the north of Morocco because of its proximity to Spain as well as this part of Morocco was a Spanish protectorate from 1912 to 1956.

Generally, Moroccans are mostly multilingual and you will easily notice how they keep switching from one language to another.

What Accommodation do you use?

We take a close attention to the hotels/Riad/Kasbahs & desert camps we partner with. We regularly make visits to make sure that their services are the level before recommending them to our customers. 

How to Book our Morocco Tour?

To book your luxury Morocco tours with Eye of Morocco, it is easy and convenient. You are welcome to navigate around our website by taking a look at the featured tours and day trips. If you come across what you are looking, you just fill in the booking form you will see on the right hand side for desktops and underneath of you are using a mobile version.

If you aim to customize your Morocco tour, you just contact us and we will design any tour according to your special travel requirements. 

What should I bring for a camel trek?
We have comprised a list of items to assist with your packing. (*denotes essential or highly recommended).

sunglasses *
water bottles *
ziplock baggies *
toilet paper * (buy it in Morocco)
needle and thread / safety pins
camera, batteries, memory cards, film — bring lots!
sealable bag for your digital camera* (essential!! for sand/dust)

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I was in Morocco with my wife for 10 days. I cannot describe to you this company services, the price is very affordable, the vehicle was super clean, and the guide Ayoub from Merzouga did everything he could to make our experience unbelievable. I didn’t believe when he invited us to his house in the desert area , it was something I wanted to experience. Travel with Eye of Morocco travel company, and you won’t regret

Mike Stuart