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Yoga Desert Activity in Merzouga

Yoga In Desert: Best Activity for Refresh, Relaxation & Energy

Spiritual and meditation activities are those that allow you to have an enchanting experience full of energy and refreshment. Everyone needs a break from their everyday routines! If you are looking for tranquility and inspiration in a desert environment with an atmosphere that charges your energy with positivity, you are in the right place.  We at Eye Of Morocco choose the best places for your spiritual retreat, allowing you to meditate by practicing yoga in the Merzouga Desert, at the famous Erg-Chebbi dunes, located in the center of the Sahara. Here, you can experience freedom, silence, and peace without losing sight of the feelings that the magic of Morocco and particularly the desert’s sand and colors evoke. A place to awaken to life, establish a connection with oneself, and learn what true happiness is all about. You’ll be able to take in visually stunning scenery, enigmatic paths that beckon you to fantasize, and more. Morocco has a lot of things to offer. Every vacation has an impact, and people need to escape the city’s bustle and spend some time taking care of their bodies, minds, and souls. You’ll be able to hear your inner voice in a noisy outside world by disconnecting yourself from the daily life mood. This voice is the most crucial, but it is also the hardest to hear. Additionally, it will make it easier for us to incorporate all we have learned. Yoga and meditation are best practiced during the stunning sunsets over the desert dunes, as the two complement each other perfectly. We can also offer you other places than the desert, where you can practice yoga and meditation in inspiring locations all over the country including beaches or natural spaces…  do not hesitate to contact us to customize your Yoga Desert Activity, we have what you are looking for and more.

We will be happy to assist you and guide you to have a memorable trip to Morocco.

Program of Yoga Session in Merzouga Desert:

Introduction and Centering (15 minutes)

  • Welcome participants and set intentions for the session amidst the serene desert surroundings.
  • Guide deep breathing exercises to center the mind and ground participants in the desert environment.

Yoga Desert Practice (35 minutes)

  • Begin with gentle warm-up stretches to release tension and prepare the body.
  • Flow through Sun Salutations to energize and synchronize breath with movement.
  • Lead a sequence of standing, balancing, and seated postures focused on strength, flexibility, and relaxation.

Meditation and Relaxation (10 minutes)

  • Transition into a guided meditation, encouraging participants to connect with the expansive desert landscape.
  • Allow for moments of silence and reflection to absorb the tranquility and peace of the surroundings.
  • Conclude with a collective moment of gratitude and awareness.


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Location of the Yoga


  • An English-speaking accompanying guide.
  • Professional Yogi 
  • Yoga Session
  • Vehicle fuel

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